Problem tylanfga SNF 2007-07-20 20:22:49: tycom computer fan(s)

ericp at ericp at
Fri Jul 20 20:22:49 PDT 2007

I noticed that the tycom case was very warm, and upon 
investigation, found that BOTH fans were stalled!
It looks like the front fan had been disconnected (probably 
because the case cover was disturbed- it's not screwed down).  I reconnected the fan, and the system is now cooling.  
But the back fan is still dead.  I'm concerned that if it's not getting proper cooling, the lifespan of this computer, which all tylan furnaces depend on, would be out of commission.  
(I used FGA as the place to report this since no one seems to 
have it reserved, but this problem report has nothing to do with the FGA tube directly). 

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