Cleaning is Required before Forming Gas Anneal

Robin King robinhmb at
Sun Mar 18 11:55:33 PDT 2007

This is a reminder that wafers or samples going into Tylanfga (tube
12) need to be cleaned right before loading.  At a minimum, a
PRS-1000 clean and rinse is required per SNF:

If for some reason you cannot use PRS-1000 or have non-standard
pieces needing special handling, talk with SNF staff regarding

The Tylanfga tube is the final step in building sensitive devices
which may have two months of hard work invested in them.  When dirty
wafers are loaded into this or other clean/semi-clean equipment it
can not only ruin others' work but also forces them to try to find
out what went wrong, a monumental waste of time.  It causes missed
deadlines and conferences, delayed graduations, cancelled projects.

Please clean your wafers!  


Robin King
IBM/ Almaden Research Center

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