Shutdown tylannitride 2002-02-07 02:41:24: boat doesn't come out

mbadi at mbadi at
Thu Feb 7 02:41:25 PST 2002

at the end of the run the tube sat there for 10 mins in step 115.  i finally alarm ack'd the tube to end the program.  a manual pull didn't do anything.  i tried starting another  LONH378 run to get the tube to pull out but no luck.  i gave up and ran pump10.  please note that there are 14 process wafers (sandwhiched with 4 baffles) currenlty in the tube.  if i'm not around when the tube does come out (ray works his magic...) could you please just put the 14 wafers in a diff cassette for me?  thanks.

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