Problem tylannitride 2002-05-02 14:47:41: MFS Alarms (two runs in a row)

hansen at hansen at
Thu May 2 02:47:42 PDT 2002

During two consecutive nitride depositions, our process was interrupted by MFS alarms somewhere between 2 and 3 hours into the process.  Ted cleared the MFS alarms before we arrived to collect the wafers and noted that the DCS had turned off, but that the line pressures and flows appeared okay before and after the runs.
   The first alarm happened in the middle of the night and we were both asleep, so we do not have a record except what is logged on crystal.  In the second consecutive run, a similar (or the same) problem occurred, even though the temperature outside was quite warm between 11 AM and noon.
  We hope this problem is further investigated, as the research of our group relies on long nitride depositions.  It is not efficient use of the machine to have to deposit in many short, closely supervised runs.  In addition, if the gas flows do not shut off cleanly, we risk ruining days or weeks of work with a poor quality film.
  If you have further questions please contact us.
-Sean Hansen (hansen at snf)
-Edward Haeggstrom (edwardh at snf)

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