Problem tylannitride 2003-10-09 18:12:30: Report Problem for tylannitride

beckwith at beckwith at
Thu Oct 9 06:12:30 PDT 2003

There was a note on the tube when I returned stating that
there was a MFS alarm at step 105 (after the depositon).
I think the failure must
have happened during the run because I have ~1800 A of
nitride on my wafers when there should be 5000A. Eric said
if there was a gas flow problem the program would jump to
the next step. I suspect this happened early in the dep cycle. 
Also there was a substantial amount of "dust" all over the wafers which I rinsed off in the dump rinser at wbnonmetal.
I think there is a bigger problem than just the pump.
In the future, could the person leaving the note please sign it so I know who wrote it.

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