Problem tylannitride SNF 2006-02-05 23:16:21: tube does not seal - leak check fail..

levi at levi at
Sun Feb 5 23:16:22 PST 2006

in my nitride deposition tody, we noticed that like last night, the tube has some troubles in getting  good seal in closing at the start of the recipe. At my first 2 runs , Eric assisted the tube closure manually, and the deposition was OK. In the third deposition, the tube did not seal well, and after the 25 minutes ramp up, failed at the leak check steps 30-35/ There is an interlock error at the back controller behind the tube at the service area. The system jumpled to spet 110, upon leak failure. I will try to hold the system. while letting the tube cool manually and unload my wafers. 
Ofer Levi 

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