tylannitride depo rate low

Yahong Yao yyao at snf.stanford.edu
Sat Jan 4 15:07:59 PST 2003

Dear Users,

On 01/03/03, I ran LONH378 for 51mins, the deposition rate was 29.6A/min
which was much smaller than before (~35A/min).  For some reason, the
Ellipsometer always gave error when I measured the film.  Then I ran 2nd
run for 1hr.  The deposition rate was about the same.  The RI from
Ellipsometer was ~2.31.

BTW, the DCS flow was 185.8 (set point: 189), LONH3 flow was 14.4 (SP:
13.5).  Deposition pressure was ~262.

Any comment on the low deposition rate?  Thanks a lot.


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