Nitride deposition

Kris Vossough vossough at
Thu Apr 27 21:20:06 PDT 2006

Dear friends and nitride enthusiasts,

We are approaching a critical nitride deposition step in our process,
which requires using nitride mask for KOH etching of Si to a depth of 
about 200um. Previous concerns about the quality of the nitride film
has prompted us to ask the following questions from the community;

1. Have you had the tylannitride deposited (mask) film fail during KOH
etch, in the past 7-8 months ? if yes, please provide the recipe name and
a little detail (and approximate date).

2. Have you successfully used tylannitride film, as etch mask in KOH,
within the last 7-8 months ? please provide the recipe name and
approximate date.  

Looking forward to your comments.


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