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Meredith M. Lee mmlee at
Wed Jun 18 22:19:57 PDT 2008

Hi tylannitride users,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the following or is
interested -- if so, I would really appreciate comparing notes and any
My target nitride thickness = 2500 A, only 1 side really needed;
4-inch-diameter substrate thicknesses vary from 1.3mm to 6mm (0.25 inches):

(1) depositing on quartz (any difference in nitride deposition rate -using
LONH378, NITRIDE2, or NEWLSN- seen compared to silicon?)
(2) depositing on one side only (placing a dummy in contact with one side)
(3) depositing on thick wafers
(4) depositing on wafers that do not fit in the slots - specifically,
orienting the substrate parallel to the floor instead of perpendicular, with
or without a dummy contacting the bottom side

Thanks very much!

Meredith M. Lee
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