Low stress nitride on fused silica/quartz

Edgar Peralta eperalta at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 14 19:11:29 PDT 2011

Hello all,

Does anyone have experience depositing thick (~1um) nitride films on quartz
or fused silica?
I've tried it with both the NITRIDE2 and NEWLSN recipes and it both cases
the resulting film contained cracks throughout.
The higher temperature recipe (NEWLSN) actually seemed to be worse so I was
thinking of trying the SINVAR recipe at maybe 650 C?

I just wanted to double check if anyone has done this before and what their
results were.

Thank you for your time,


p.s From a simple strain calculation it seems lower temp would be better:
stress = E/(1-v) (alpha_film-alpha_sub)(T_dep- T_room)
gives 275 MPa at 650 C compared with 366 MPa at 850 C
(using E=270 GPa, v=.27, alpha=1.6e-6 1/C for nitride and alpha=.4e-6 1/C
for silica)
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