Shutdown tylanpoly 2002-01-17 19:13:26: poly tube problems

kailash at kailash at
Thu Jan 17 07:13:28 PST 2002

      I ran POLYEMIT and the boat doesnt seem to be coming off. It ran through the entire program but at the last step the boat still seems to be stuck and it kept beeping a MFS alarm. It didnt help to simply acknowledge the alarm nor did a manual boat out work (after aborting the program). My wafers are still in there. Grupp and Liji asked me to run polypump and i have reported the shutdown after running polypump. Incidentally during the polyemit program there was a MFS alarm on N2 flow.  Please let me know as soon as it is fixed because my wafers are still in there.
        - Kailash 

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