Problem tylanpoly SNF 2004-08-06 10:42:51: non-uniform haze

lindaw at lindaw at
Fri Aug 6 10:42:53 PDT 2004

This morning I ran AMOR585 (25 min dep) and got a strange non-uniform haze on the frontside of my dsp fused silica. This haze was also visible on the dummy wafers. The haze appears to be worse near the load side of my run of 10 wafers + 1 oxide TW.  The non-uniformity is distinctly related to proximity to the boat.  The four contact areas of the boat and the centers are clearer than the edges of the wafer.  The wafers were loaded in the front boat. The front most dummy wafer has a distinctive clear area where it was close to the cross bar of the front of the boat. The polished backsides already had poly from a previous run, and the backsides look fine.  I think maybe something isn't right.  Step 35 base pressure was 21.4 and leak pressure (step45) was 35.6 (significantly lower than previously). The dep pressure was steady at 400.5 throughout the deposition.

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