Problem tylanpoly SNF 2007-05-26 13:08:30: tube not venting in polypump ready mode

lindaw at lindaw at
Sat May 26 13:08:30 PDT 2007

I pressed alarm ack 2X to vent the tube, but the tube is not venting.
The N2PURG output calls for 1499.3 flow rate.  The measured N2PURG is reading 5000 and the PRCPR is only reading 174.8.  MFS alarm went off while wating for tube to vent.  Also, the N2light on the front panel is blinking, but the below atm light remains lit.  After waiting about 10 min, the PRCPR is has only gon up to 344.8.  I am going to run polypump and try venting again.

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