Comment tylanpoly SNF 2007-05-30 18:41:39: AMOR585 test dummy wafers only

lindaw at lindaw at
Wed May 30 18:41:39 PDT 2007

Ran a test of amor585 dummy wafers only.  step 35 base pressure reached 78.1-81.0, better than expected so leak may be self healing.  I put the tube in hold at step 40 and let it sit ~20 min.  It finally reached normal base presure of 5.3-10.7. Put tube back into run and step 45 leak back came up to 55.6. It passed leak check and moved onto step 50.  I aborted the run and let the tube vent.  I ran the same program again, with dummy wafers only, no hold at step 40 and this time step 35 pumped right down to 5.3-7.8, but the leak back came up to 66.9, and failed leak check. Conclusion is there is still a significant leak.  

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