Silane use over the weekend

Dick Crane rcrane at
Tue Oct 1 13:44:45 PDT 2002

Silane gas users: We are approaching the 20% remaining gas level for the
silane cylinder supplying poly, bpsg, tystar, and SiGe tubes. I am
planning to change out the cylinder on Monday, 10/7. If you are planning
to run these tubes between now and Monday, please notify me with your
deposition duration times so I can calculate gas reserves. With a flow
of 200 sccm (worst case), there should be 2,500 minutes of gas remaining
plus a buffer. What make this difficult is that all four tubes are
supplied from a common source.

We are in the process of adding an auto-change over manifold so a back
up cylinder will automatically come on line when the used cylinder
approaches empty. Until then, You and I will need to work together to
ensure an uninterrupted flow of silane.

Thanks for your help,


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