Problem with poly

Ted Berg tberg at
Tue May 27 06:27:56 PDT 2003

Hello all,
    Just a plea for more info.  This system was shut down Friday evening
and the comment was "MFC problem".  THe maintenance group is very clever
but it would be enormously helpful if we could get a bit more of
explaination: who , what, where, when, why, how??  we have to go in and
try and figure all of these things out and we spend a lot of time trying
to recreate the problem.  If the details were in the problem report our
efforts could be concentrated on fixing the problem not trying to figure
out what happened. If you tell us when it happened e.g.during step 3 of
recipe 620poly we could go right to that step and see what you saw.  We
apprecite your help and try to address problems as they arise.ted

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