Poly Utilization Question

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Fri Sep 2 09:59:29 PDT 2005

Poly Silicon Users,

We are currently evaluating how our poly furnaces will be used and 
segragated.  With the installation of the Thermco2 the total count of poly 
flavored tubes goes up to 4.  We have a request to increase our SiGe poly 
capacity and will be moving forward on this front.  What I don't want to do 
is react to this request and compromise another segment such as a gold 
contaminated poly tube.

I have listed the various equipment groups and poly options.  Please look 
them over with consideration to your current and future needs.  Let me know 
what you feel is required and send me a responding email.

Clean (Si and Ge)
1) Undoped Only
2) Doped B and/or P

SemiCleanB (Si and Ge with Ni, Co, Pt, Al, Hf, Ta, Mo, Ta, W, Ti, Cr, Zr 
and Pd metals)
3) Undoped Only
4) Doped B and/or P

Gold Contaminated
5) Undoped Only
6) Doped B and/or P

The segment, I don't have a good feel for their needs is the MEM's 
community.  It's important we get responses segment to aid in the planning.

Please take the time to fill out the survey Mary sent out.  It's important 
for us to see the needs of our users in a time frame where we can plan.


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