burnbox cleans

Ray Seymour seymour at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 12 13:57:31 PST 2001

I have had to clean the burnbox three times in the last eight days. This
is primarily due to the increased usage of tylannitride low stress
nitride. Prior to the last few weeks the box required cleaning every two
weeks with a few exceptions. During the times of lower usage I would
schedule the clean for every other Monday morning from 6 am till about 9
am to allow cooling down and the clean. These faster coming cleans do
not allow me to schedule the clean and this requires the shutting down
of the above tool with little to no notice. I am sorry for the
inconvenience this will cause. We are looking into the nitride process
and equipment to see if we can  slow down the burnbox getting clogged
and needing a clean.
Ray Seymour

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