4/21 Furnace shutdown for Thermco tie-in

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Mar 28 17:38:02 PST 2003

LP furnace users,

The LPCVD furnace shutdown is now on schedule to start at 0600 on
Monday, April 21, with a completion date of Wednesday, April 30. This
action allows final connection of process gases to the Thermco, bank 1
furnace and will affect SiGe, Poly, Nitride, BPSG, and Tystar tubes.
Please plan according.

The permits are now in order, contractors have committed, staff is ready
and county inspectors are being scheduled. The tie-in and permit
required testing should take seven working days. There is a small amount
of buffer time built in to this schedule. The issue of county
inspections is still being resolved and has the highest change of delay.
All work which could be addressed prior to shutdown has been completed.
I will issue progress reports as milestones are completed.

Furnaces NOT affected by this action: BBr3, POCl3, oxidation
(tylan1-4,7), FGA, and TEOS.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. This work represents a major
step toward six inch processing capability.

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