tylansige left vented

Jinendra Raja Jain jrjain at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 26 18:27:12 PDT 2007

Dear tylansige users,


I just found the tylansige in a vented (Ready) state with COAT8 loaded.  It
looks like no one has run the tube since Monday, but it's difficult to say
whether the previous user forgot to actually run the coat recipe or whether
some other labuser pressed Alarm Ack when the tube alarmed.  Either way, I
started running COAT8.


It's probably a good idea for all of us to try to take good care of this
tube and take a look from time to time to make sure nothing is amiss.
Thankfully, as far as I know, only device people use the tube, so we all
definitely have a vested interest in being careful.






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