Shutdown wafersaw 2003-08-29 15:42:46: Report Shutdown for wafersaw

mtang at mtang at
Fri Aug 29 03:42:47 PDT 2003

Saw is not cutting.  Blades are being broken on the first cut.  
I loaded a new saw blade and did height calibration and then
turned it off -- blade looked good.  Turned it on and did a cut
and cut was bad and blade broke.  Water pressure seemed
low during the cut -- dribbling down instead of spraying out, 
even when I turned up the pressure.  There was a slight
scratching mark on the blade, but no real cut.  The marks
made in previous bad cuts were wobbly lines, not straight.
Oh, the chuck also had thick glue on it -- I cleaned it off, but
the blade broke and the cut was bad afterwards anyway.

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