Shutdown wafersaw SNF 2004-10-17 18:23:20: Stopped responding - needs a reset

sjo at sjo at
Sun Oct 17 18:23:21 PDT 2004

I finished sawing my glass wafer without incident, and at the end, as a courtesy to the next user, I wanted to set the Y-Offset back to default. So I loaded a dummy wafer and the standard hubbed blade and hit single cut. Before it started cutting, I realized that I also needed to change the wafer thickness, so I hit "Stop" and "Emergency Stop". When I released both buttons, a minute later, the saw wouldn't respond anymore, and I don't see a way to power cycle or reset it. It is still in the condition when I hit "Emergency Stop": Dummy wafer loaded, air and vacuum on, blade loaded but not in pgysical contact with anything.

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