Comment wafersaw SNF 2006-06-01 20:23:20: Works o.k., but index toggle switch broken

sjo at sjo at
Thu Jun 1 20:23:20 PDT 2006

The wafersaw worked o.k. for me, but there are 3 items that probably need to be taken care of:
1.) The index toggle switch (between the X and Y dials) is visibly broken, it only works in one direction, and it gets stuck easily, advancing the Y axis all the way to the rear limit.
2.) Even though I did not have problems with the X axis left limit switch, I notice that the unload position is very close to the left X-axis limit. Setting the limit and the unload position a bit (a mm or so) farther apart would probably make it operate more reliably. This can probably be done by changing the unload position in software, or maybe by mechanically adjusting the limit trigger to allow the tray a millimeter of additional leftwards travel.
3.) The emergency stop button needs a new light bulb.
Otherwise, as I said, seems to work well.

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