Problem wafersaw SNF 2010-10-26 21:22:52: Water leak

mtang at mtang at
Tue Oct 26 21:22:53 PDT 2010

Mike D worked on this in the morning and found that the water is leaking from the venturi vacuum pump.  Water can be entering the vacuum line either through the badly scored chuck surface or through another breach elsewhere  in the vacuum line.  Neither of these is likely to be easily resolved soon, especially we had a field service in a couple of weeks ago to look specifically at this.  However, the venturi pump drains the water, so aside from the inconvenience of dripping, it should not significantly affect operation of the system.  We will need to work on pinpointing where it is leaking.  
Please make sure that your blue tape goes on without bubbles -- this will help the wafer seal better to the vacuum chuck.

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