wafersaw shutdown

Lian Zhang lian at Stanford.EDU
Wed Apr 12 16:39:14 PDT 2000

John, Jonathan, and others,

There's a crystal shop in Ginzton Lab (across the street from CIS) where
we can have silicon, pyrex and bonded si-pyrex cut.  They charge a fee
(but I don't remember how much) and you need to wait a few days.  The shop
is in Ginzton 129.  Talk to Chris Remen (Ginzton 130 or 132?) to find

Hope this helps.

> Hello wafersaw users,
>   Some of you may not be aware that the wafersaw has been shut down, and
> that it will be weeks before it is running again, if ever.  According to
> Len Booth, it may be time to have the machine completely rebuilt -- which
> could cost $45k or more.  
>   I know that the saw has been enabled an average of once per day this
> year, by 38 different users, so I imagine that I'm not the only person
> inconvenienced by this long-term shutdown.  
>   I would like to get an idea of how many users have immediate dicing
> needs, and whether anyone has information on using local foundries.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan  

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