Crystal shop

Jonathan Kurz jonkurz at
Wed Apr 12 17:25:34 PDT 2000

Wafersaw users,
  Thanks for all your responses -- I strongly suggest you email John Shott
(shott at telling him that you too are waiting to use the
wafer saw, and that fixing it should be a fairly high priority.  It seems
that CIS is struggling to pay for the installation of the recently donated
Intel equipment, and is not anxious to have the wafersaw rebuilt.

  Regarding the Ginzton crystal shop: it will not be a dicing alternative
for long since Chris Remen is leaving in two weeks (with no replacement in
sight).  Only a few students are now qualified to use the wafersaw in
Ginzton (Chris runs a special class, offered once per year) and currently
this saw is also broken.  Note that even with Chris here, this wafersaw
had constant problems -- without him, who knows.  


On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Lian Zhang wrote:

> John, Jonathan, and others,
> There's a crystal shop in Ginzton Lab (across the street from CIS) where
> we can have silicon, pyrex and bonded si-pyrex cut.  They charge a fee
> (but I don't remember how much) and you need to wait a few days.  The shop
> is in Ginzton 129.  Talk to Chris Remen (Ginzton 130 or 132?) to find
> more.
> Hope this helps.
> Lian

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