Broken blades...

Len Booth booth at
Tue Aug 15 14:51:01 PDT 2000

Users -
	I've had some increase in reports of broken 
blades recently - meaning more than the occasional
breakage that seems to be normal.  In addition to
having the blades broken, at least some were stuck
on the spindle - and when it's stuck, you usually
can't get it off of the spindle without breaking
the blade.  I've cleaned up the spindle and installed
a new S-3030 blade.  It went on smoothly, and I 
tried removing it and reinstalling it several times;
so blade changing works normally now.
	From now on - all users who experience the
blade stuck to the spindle, send me an e-mail.  
I'll try to track down the cause of this.

Note - there are only 2 more S-3030 blades left
on the shelf in the stockroom as of Aug 15, 
until Tony gets a new shipment in.

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