post-cut clean?

Sameer Hemchand Jain sjain at
Fri Oct 13 14:43:46 PDT 2000

hi John,
   I generally coat my wafer with resist before I cut it .. and then strip
the resist in my own beakers... but then I do all this bcoz I have to get
the samples back into some of the machines in teh clean room.... I am not
sure what you would like to do with teh samples after you ahve cut
them. Let me know if you wnat o know more.


On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, john chiaverini wrote:

> wafersaw users,
> is there a standard post-wafersaw clean?  my devices have a dingy "muddy
> water" type of residue from the wafersaw, and spraying with solvents did
> not seem to remove it.
> thanks...
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