Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jul 10 08:46:19 PDT 2003

Hi all--

There's some confusion over wafersaw blades, so I thought I'd take the
opportunity to go over them briefly.

We normally stock C3060 and S3030 blades.  Recently, we've gotten S3060
and C3030 blades.  Remember, the S prefix means it's good for cutting
silicon, but not glass or quartz.  C means it's OK for quartz and glass
and even silicon (although edges may be a little rought than with "S"
blades.)  The X3030 blades have 0.762 mm exposure (so can be used to cut
a max depth of 0.457 mm).  The X3060 blades have 1.524 mm exposure (max
depth = 0.914 mm.)  We are currently out of the C3060 blades, but Tony
is ordering more (they should arrive in about 3 weeks.)

Some people have had difficulty cutting quart and glass with "C" blades,
so we now provide diamond embedded resin blades.  If you don't know how
to use them, please contact Len, Maurice, or me about them.  These resin
blades are even supposed to be able to cut sapphire and lithium
niobate.  I have to admit that I don't have much experience with these
blades -- but they are recommended by K&S for these hard substrates (I'd
like to credit Don Arnold for looking into this and coming up with the
procedures.)  By the way, just a reminder -- if you use these resin
blades, go slowly -- Don used 0.5 mm/sec for "feed rate" (Alan used 5
mm/sec and the blade unfortunately shredded.)

I strongly suggest that if you are using a new type of blade, that you
practice first a few times on a dummy substrate, similar to what you
plan to cut...

Let us know if you have any questions or problems --



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