Wafersaw: y-offset problem.

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Wed May 19 13:43:11 PDT 2004

Hello wafersaw users --

Mary thanks, Ali -- I'm sorry, I meant to look at this today...  A couple of

First, I'm just about to put a standard blade at the wafersaw.

Second, there are a couple of users (quickwin and daneman and maybe one/two
others) who are using non-standard blades, which results in a more-than-usual
Y-offset (this was described in the wafersaw at snf discussion list, 2/18/04)
when switching back to standard blades.  But this offset is only a mm or so,
and should be straightforward to correct, following standard operating

If the blade is offset by several cm, then it is because the Y-offset
calibration may have not been properly set.

I know that the Y-offset generally does not need to be changed (since most
people use the std blade hub) so is not often checked.  But I would strongly
recommend checking it, so you don't put your devices at risk.

Does anyone not feel comfortable with the Y-offset procedure?  If not, please
let me know and we can go over it.

Finally, for those of you who are using non-standard blades (Ben, Mike,
others) -- when you are done, could you please put a standard blade on and do
a Y-offset calibration?  Or at the very least, make a note of it, so the next
user is aware of this and doesn't inadvertently cut into their device on the
test cut.  Or, better yet, both.  (Anyone have other suggestions?)



Alireza Nojeh wrote:

> Hi saw users,
> There was a big y-offset today: first during the height adjustment
> routine, the blade would go out of the chuck area, so I had to bring the
> microscope way towards the user side to compensate for that. And then I
> had to do a y-offset adjustment of a few centimeters after the test cuts.
> Just to let everyone know,
> Ali

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