missing 2 segments of vacuum chuck pin

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Sat Jul 16 14:02:46 PDT 2005

Hi Josh --

My sneaking suspicion is that someone may have inadvertently partly
unscrewed the segements and that the innermost ones are still inside the
vacuum chuck.  At least, this has happened before (several times.) That
little red plastic toolbox behind the wafersaw (which contains the
resinoid blade hubs) also contains a long metal screw thread.  This is
Elmer's solution -- just screw this into the vacuum pin slot and fish out
the pin segments.  Please let us know if this doesn't work.  Otherwise, I
would recomment taping (if you can) your small piece on a larger wafer.

GOod luck!


On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, Josh Ratchford wrote:

> Hello,
> Two segments of the vacuum chuck pin are missing.  Are these pieces stored
> somewhere?  I would like to dice some small chips.
> Thank you,
> Josh

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