Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Oct 4 09:52:54 PDT 2005

Hello wafersaw users --

Some bad news.  As you know, Dynatek is out of the blade business, 
leaving us without the aluminum hub, nickel grit blades we know and 
love.  We evaluated a comparable blade and it works beautifully (the 
F3530 from Semitec), and so we placed a large order in June.  However, 
it turns out that the factory has moved to China and due to startup 
issues, blades which were due to arrive in August won't even ship to the 
US (where they have to be repackaged and reshipped) until the end of 
this month.  Aaacck!

In the meantime, if you have your own blade, treat it nicely.  We have 
plenty of resinoid blades, which can be used for cutting silicon as well 
as glass or quartz.  The resinoid blades are new, for those of us who 
are used to the old Dynateks, but because they use fine grain diamond 
grit, they also deliver nice, smooth-edged cuts, like the old S3030's.  
They are, however, wider (300 microns, instead of the usual 90 microns 
for the S3030's.)  If your devices can accomodate this wider kerf, I 
would recommend these blades.  If you devices can't accomodate the wider 
kerf, and you don't have your own S3030 handy, I do have a few 100 
micron-wide resinoid blades that I've been meaning to try out, but 
haven't as yet.  If you'd like to help me test them, let me know.  If 
you need to use a resinoid blade but haven't used one before, please 
follow the diagram and instructions in the section 9 of the operating 
procedures (yes, I know they're wordy, but all the info is there!)  Or, 
have someone show you how (me, Maurice, any one of the experienced 
wafersaw users.)  Whatever you do with the resinoid blades, be very nice 
and gentle to the stainless steel flanges (they are $500/each and the 
lead time is a couple of months.)

Meanwhile, I'll follow up with the new Semitec blades (or comparable 
replacements thereof.)


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
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