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Mary Tang mtang at
Tue May 16 16:59:26 PDT 2006

Hi Il Woong and others --

The wafersaw is UP!  It turns out that Ed Myers had seen this problem 
years ago and had been told it was an EPROM problem.  On hearing this, 
Cesar reset the EPROM board and it works.  Not that this makes any 
sense, but now the motor is rotating in the right direction and working 
fine.  So, the wafersaw is now available and working well.


Il Woong Jung wrote:

>Hi Mary,
>I have just talked to the crystal shop in Ginzton.
>The wafersaw there has been down for several months now.
>It does not seem like it will be fixed anytime soon.
>It seems like vendors will be the way to go temporarily.
>Il Woong
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>Hi everyone --
>Sorry about the wafersaw.  The good news is that the theta/rotation 
>motor is OK (repairing this, I understand, is a nightmare.)  However, 
>the reason why the motor isn't rotating properly isn't clear, but 
>suspicion is the driver board.  Elmer and Cesar are going to try a few 
>other things to ensure that the limit switches are OK, and then order a 
>replacement board if nothing obvious shows up.
>If you desperately need dicing services, there is a dicing saw in 
>Ginzton labs, which I believe is available as a service to Stanford 
>researchers.  There's also a website which lists some local dicing services:
>One that is not list is American Dicing (different from America 
>Precision Dicing, which a lot of people use.)
>Again, sorry about the problem, but Elmer and Cesar are on the job.

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