Sawed chips cleaner after water re-aligned

jim kruger jimkruger at
Mon Feb 5 09:24:15 PST 2007

I had seen much dirtier results after the holiday
modifications.  It turned out that the alignment of
the blade to the water jet was off.  Thanks to Dick
Crane and Mary Tang for diagnosing the problem and to
Elmer for fixing it.

 Sawing Si, I used 3 um of spr220-3, 60 sec track bake
plus 25 min oven at 110C for the protective resist.  I
used a Si blade (3060, no longer stocked) and 10K
spindle with 3 mm/sec feed. Water flow was 12 units.
 The wafers look much better on the saw, with almost
no "bead blasting" of the resist, and cleaned up well
in solvent (no particles in dark field at 200x). 


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