50:1 HF outage ...

Robin King robinhmb at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 17:15:37 PST 2006

We could probably mix up some 50:1 using DI and 49% HF, doing an etch
rate test on SiO2 to verify correct composition.  

--- John Shott <shott at stanford.edu> wrote:

  SNF Labmembers:

I am sorry to report that not only are we currently out of 50:1 HF
inthe chemical pass through ... but I am dismayed to discover that
wehave no 50:1 HF in our bulk storage area.

This is clearly a failure on our part and I can only tell you that
wewill look into why this happened and take corrective action.

I will also try to get in here on Friday to see if we have any
chanceof getting some sort of emergency pickup on Friday ... I have
no ideawhether our supplier Gallade Chemical will be open or not, but
we shalltry.

If any of you work in labs that may have any stockpiles of
electronicgrade 50:1 HF and could make us an emergency loan, I'd be
happy to hearfrom you.

I personally apologize to any of you inconvenienced by our error
andassure that we will do our best to replenish our stock as quickly

Sorry for this bad news, but I hope that you all will otherwise have
ahappy long weekend,


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