Shutdown wbdiff SNF 2011-12-14 09:58:38:

uli at uli at
Tue Feb 14 18:33:19 PST 2012

There are two new SRDs installed. The lower SDR is not ready yet for use.
The upper SRD has one recipe, number 1, for 4 inch wafers only. The inserts for 3 and 6 inch wafers are not available right now.
The instructions for the new SRDs are online (wiki) and there is a print out next to the tool.
Load the wafers into the cassette, if you don't have 25 wafers it is recommended to space them evenly throughout the cassette, place the cassette into the SRD and press the green start button.
6 brand new 4 inch Teflon cassettes are available.

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