hot pot problems

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Mon Nov 6 19:47:56 PST 2000


Over the weekend the quartz thermocouple sheath in the sulfuric hot pot
broke. When Ray looked at it, the thermocouple appeared to be corroded. In
an effort to keep the diff bench up and running, it was decided that the
thermocouple and quartz sheath from one of the wbnonmetal hot pots could be
put in the wbdiff sulfuric hot pot until the new parts arrive.

Unfortunately, the second thermocouple broke during the switch.

Ray said he will make every effort, first thing in the morning, to replace
the thermocouple in wbdiff. It will take longer to get the quartz sheaths,
so the sulfuric hot pot in wbnonmetal may be down for a few days.


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