wbdiff band-aid fix

Randy True randythrive at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 15:03:57 PST 2000

Wbdiff Users--

The current status of the diff bench is that we are
still waiting for the thermocouple sheath to arrive.
In the meantime, a protocol is being adopted that will
still allows users to diff clean their wafers.

The power to the sulfuric pot must remain off because
of fire concern. It is unplugged in the back. DO NOT
turn it back on. This means that users cannot drain
the sulfuric pot. Ray will drain the pot (but not
refill it) once in the morning and once in the
afternoon. After the pot has been drained, the first
user should fill the pot. Others should continue to
use the bath without adding peroxide for about 2
hours. There will be a sign-up list for filling and
adding peroxide. If you walk up to use the bench more
than 2 hours after it has been filled or since the
last time peroxide has been added, add peroxide.
Please be dilligent about both recording the activity
and not adding peroxide too often. Also, make sure to
go through the wbnonmetal sulfuric before going to the
diff bench.
If you have any concerns or comments, please contact
myself and Ray. Happy cleaning.

__Randy True

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