even better fix

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 8 16:45:42 PST 2000

At 3:35 PM -0800 11/8/00, Randy True wrote:
>So, Ray has done some handy-work and made it possible
>for users to drain the sulfuric pot. The power is on
>but the heater is diabled (still do not turn it on).
>This makes most of the last email moot. I guess
>proceed as normal, we just will not know the bath
>temp. Look at the log and if someone has changed the
>bath or added peroxide recently, it should be OK,
>otherwise add peroxide.

My concern is:

       if someone empties the Sulfuric:H2O2 when it is too hot
       and then hits the quartz hot pot with cold water we may
       end up with a cracked quartz hot pot.

We have no replacements for these hot pots and the last time Len 
searched for one he could find no one who manufactured them.

I would suggest using the old "empty every 5 days". Just drain out 
enough of the liquid to leave room for adding more H2O2 instead of 
completely emptying the entire pot...it should be repaired within the 
next 5 days.

Someone from SNF should make the final call on this.

At any rate: PLEASE be careful when you are draining and rinsing the hot pot!


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