problems with this bench

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Wed Jan 10 14:27:02 PST 2001


Here is a list of everything that is not working on 
wbdiff. Most of this has been reported via the problem 
program in Coral, however, none of this has been fixed.
wbdiff is a major piece of equipment in the lab, even
though it is a lowly wet bench.

1.  The timer on the H2O2 hot pot is set to zero; in 
order to time the clean step one of the second timers 
must be used.

2.  The right dump rinser hasn't worked in months.

3.  The left dump rinser is on it's way out also. The 
controller does not work. The only way you can rinse your
wafers is to use the "Dump door" button, which only works
by repeatedly pushing it until it engages. Previously 
there was no spray feature on this rinser; this is still 
true. In order to rinse the cassette handles they must be
removed from the cassette and put in the bottom of the 
dump rinser.

4. The semi tool spin/rinse/dryer has no set point 
programmed in. If used in Auto mode it never stops rinsing
because there is no set point to tell it to stop.  People
are using it in manual mode, which is a timed mode.

#2 combined with #3 leads me to belive most people are
not adequately rinsing their wafers. Wafers from this
bench go in the clean tylans and lpcvd tubes. It would be
nice if we knew for sure they were really clean!

5. The temp controller on the HCl hot pot does not seem
to be controlling. The last person who used the bench did
not turn off the heater, the temp RO was 85C, and 
climbing, when I arrived. The set point for this hot pot 
is 70C. For some strange reason the High Temp setting is 

Could you please fix this bench.


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