Remote monitoring of Tylan

Ted Berg tberg at
Wed Apr 6 08:03:57 PDT 2005

Good Moning Everyone,
    Good news, now you can remotely monitor the status of the tylan 
furnaces close to real time(within 5 minutes).  As most of you have 
probably noticed,
the TYCOM now does some annoying HOST things every 5 minutes where it 
queries all 12 tubes.  This data is being dumped into a database on 
another computer and can be seen remotely by going to the following 
URL:  This should 
work on all campus PCs. It is not yet working on the sunrays in the lab, 
but John Shott is looking into that.  The user name and passwords are 
currently both tylan when it prompts.  We should soon be able to look 
back at history if problems occur duing off hours.  Please try out the 
system and let me know if you encounter any problems. The only other 
requirement i know of is that you must have at least Java runtime 
version 1.4.2 on the computer.  Remember that data may be up to 5 
minutes old. Thanks for your patience. ted

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