Nonstop scrolling of Tycom

Ted Berg tberg at
Thu Mar 10 10:09:02 PST 2005

Hello all Tylan Users,
    Just an update for all concerning that darn scrolling of the tycom.  
We have been trying to get a remote status for us to see what is
going on since Crystal has been down this is way over a year now.  In 
order to get the status, we are polling the TYCOM on a regular basis.  
This time
is variable and now is set to 1 minute between scans i have started and 
stopped the program several times to get data in the data base.  The 
good news is that soon(i Hope) everyone will be able to go to a URL and 
see status from any Stanford computer.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I 
am moving the sample rate out to 5 min hopefully this will ease the 
pain.  It should be better soon.  Please hang in there and let me know, 
as Robin did, if there are issues/ suggestions.  Thanks,ted

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