PLEASE! Leave the dump rinsers filled

Nancy Latta nlatta at
Tue Aug 1 10:30:48 PDT 2006


We recently changed the dump rinsers to smaller faster systems in order 
to conserve water.  Today we found a rinser in HOLD mode overflowing 
with water.  It appears that it had been in that mode for 10 hours or 
so, which means we wasted about 1000 gallons of water.

The rinsers must be filled with water so that the one cycle flushing can 
occur.  This keeps bacteria out of the DI system by flushing, but in 
order to have the rinser filled after use you must be in the HOLD mode 
for a short time.

So, to review- here are the instructions for using the dump rinsers;


Put the cassette into the dump rinser bath.  Take the handle off the 
cassette and put into the bath next to the cassette.

1.    Push START to start the multi-cycle rinse.

2.    When rinse is done push STOP/RESET to stop the alarm.

3.    Push OPEN to drain the water and remove handle and cassette.

4.    Push STOP/RESET to close the drain valve.

5.    Push START to fill the bath with water.

6.    Once the bath is filled with water push STOP/RESET.  The water 
will continue to over flow.

7.    Push STOP/RESET to stop the water from flowing.

Please leave the dump rinser filled with water.  It will automatically 
flush the water every 90 minutes.  This keeps the water lines clean.

If you have any questions please contact me.  Thanks,


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