wbdiff temperature settings

Raymond Woo rwoo at stanford.edu
Sun May 28 09:03:06 PDT 2006

A word of warning to those who were planning on using wbdiff this 
weekend - the temperature settings for both hot pots has been set to 
60C, and, as far as I can tell, can't be changed back to their normal 
settings by regular users. 60 degree piranha is obviously not sufficient 
to clean wafers, so until this problem is fixed I think the only way to 
do a diff clean is to change the chemicals and allow them to self heat.

But the hot pot maximum drain temperature has also been changed to 50C. 
I accidentally turned on the heater first, and after waiting a full hour 
the temperature had only dropped from 60C to 55C so I gave up and went home.

- Ray

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