wbdiff temperature settings

Sarves Verma sarves at stanford.edu
Sun May 28 09:18:37 PDT 2006

Well I worked yesterday morning and evening too, the sulphuric acid one's
temperature was going upto 75C(and not 60C, the usual temp being 90C),
however the higher limit of H2O2/HCl has been fixed to 60C (the normal
being 70C)

Also, the time settings have been changed to 0.2 seconds which also cant be

 temperature fixed to  one Quoting Raymond Woo <rwoo at stanford.edu>:

> A word of warning to those who were planning on using wbdiff this
> weekend - the temperature settings for both hot pots has been set to
> 60C, and, as far as I can tell, can't be changed back to their normal
> settings by regular users. 60 degree piranha is obviously not sufficient
> to clean wafers, so until this problem is fixed I think the only way to
> do a diff clean is to change the chemicals and allow them to self heat.
> But the hot pot maximum drain temperature has also been changed to 50C.
> I accidentally turned on the heater first, and after waiting a full hour
> the temperature had only dropped from 60C to 55C so I gave up and went
> home.
> - Ray

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