Update on wbsilicide status ....

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Sun Feb 24 10:00:25 PST 2008

wbdiff and wbsilicide users:

First, I apologize to those of you who receive this twice, but since 
wbdiff activities are currently being done at wbsilicide, I felt that I 
should contact both lists.

This morning (Sunday at about 7 a.m.) the TraceTek leak detector sent in 
an alarm to work control that turned out to be a puddle underneath 
wbsilicide.  While I am not 100% certain, I currently believe that this 
is a small leak in the main drain line from that sink in a FuseSeal 
plumbing joint.  I've cleaned up the mess and now have both a nalgene 
tub and absorbent pads underneath the suspect area to catch/contain any 
additional leakage.

At this point, I see no reason to shutdown operations at this tool.  If 
anything, normal usage that results in the collection of a small amount 
of liquid in this tub will help to confirm my hypothesis.  However, 
should you see any liquid on the floor, be EXCEEDINGLY cautious .... it 
is likely a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, and 
hydrochloric acid!  That's certainly what it was when I cleaned it up 
this morning.  While I believe that any leakage will be caught in the 
tub or absorbed by the pads that I've placed under the sink, I can't 
guarantee that.  The actual amount of liquid should be small .... I only 
cleaned up 100-200 ml this morning, but it will likely be acidic.

One other thing: there is a sign on the spin rinse dryer saying that it 
has been shutdown pending replacement of an EEPROM to fix periodic 
nitrogen flow but that it could be turned back on.  The controller has 
been turned back on and, as a result, this spin rinse dryer should be 
perfectly functional .... despite what the sign says.

Finally, there was a report from last evening that we were low or out of 
a variety of chemicals.  I believe that all chemicals have been restocked.

Happy processing,


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