LPCVD Coral Data Collection starting/Graphed data!!

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Wed May 27 17:39:21 PDT 2009

The Coral Team is almost ready to start data collection on the LPCVD 
tubes.  They are telling us to expect it in the next day or so.  Some of 
you have already seen the collection roll out on the tylan oxide tubes.  
But the graphs of the collected data will be new for everyone.

The data collection will require you to enter some data when you log a 
LPCVD tool off of Coral.  When disabling, a new pop up window will ask 
you to choose
a process (most of you will choose: Deposition run).  After making a 
choice on the first window, a second window will ask for process recipe 
(from a drop down), process time, temperature, ...

All this data can be edited by the user after it is entered on the coral 
History Actions tab for that tool.

All inputted data will be viewable in graph form by going to the new 
Process Actions tab in Coral and choosing the data to be graphed.

If you are not a LPCVD user I apologize for bothering you with this note.

maurice at stanford.edu

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