Leave the SRDs in automatic mode ....

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Sat Mar 12 19:12:21 PST 2011

wbdiff community:

J Provine has written up a couple of problem reports in the past couple 
of days related to the SRD at wbdiff being left in manual, rather than 
automatic, mode.  Since very few of you actually receive the wbdiff-pcs 
email and many of you likely don't read problem reports in detail, I 
thought that it was appropriate to send these to the entire community.  
I believe that J is correct that they should be left in automatic mode 
and that it should be the responsibility of folks running in manual mode 
to return them to automatic mode at the end of their usage.  If you 
can't reach resistivity in automatic mode, that should be reported as a 
problem so that we can address the issue appropriately.

> for maybe the thousandth time i found the srd in manual mode.  it should be in automatic mode, and if you needed to change it to manual to get your wafers through you should report the issue with reaching resistivity and then ALWAYS PUT IT BACK IN AUTO MODE.

> 1001 times now.  get it together people.
Thanks for your attention to this matter,


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