keep the wet benches clean and safe

Uli Thumser uli at
Mon Oct 20 17:53:56 PDT 2003

Dear wbgen and wbgaas users:

just a few reminders:

-Before you start using the wet benches, place all dried beakers and
labware on the appropriate shelf.

-Enable the bench.

-Always use transfer carts to transport chemicals; chemicals must never
be hand-carried in the lab.

-Every beaker or open container containing any chemical must have a
"In-use Hazardous Chemical" tag with it. Fill the tag out before you
pour chemicals in a beaker. Use complete chemical names on the tag (no
chemical formulas, no abbreviations, no BOE, KOH or "piranha").

- When working with chemicals, safety glasses, face shield, yellow
chemical resistant Nitril gloves over latex gloves and chemicals apron
should be worn.

-Place the chemicals far enough under the hood to prevent fumes from
escaping into the lab.

-Leave the benchtop clean and dry! Thoroughly rinse off any drips with
the DI hand sprayer and dry with the N2 gun.

-Log the approximate amount and composition of chemicals drained on the
station log sheet, located on the left side of the bench.

and once in a while, check out the operating instructions:

Please help me keeping the wet benches clean and safe!

Thank you,

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