Lost: Small Teflon Sample Dipper

Vijay Kris Narasimhan vijayn at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 20 10:35:09 PDT 2010

Found.  Thanks!


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Dear Labmembers,

I left a teflon sample dipper with my other labware to dry overnight.  It was a custom, personally owned piece of labware and should have been sitting with my other small beakers and graduated cylinders on the table next to wbgen2, across from wbgaas.  It is GaAs contaminated and not for general lab use.  I could not label it because it goes into my acid bath.

If you have seen it, could you please let me know?  There's a ziplock bag with my name on it sitting at that table.  Please either write me back by e-mail or drop it in there.



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